Welcome to the home of Tryon Sculpture Arts!

“An artist is not someone who draws or paints.  An artist is someone who sees and hears what others do not see or hear.”

As you can probably see, we are under construction here, so please feel free to dig around, and don’t forget to come back soon.  Things will be changing rapidly…

My intent for this site is a place where I can not only display my own art, but to be a forum for discussion, a place to learn, and a source of encouragement.  One of my key goals as an artist has always been to help people open their eyes and ears, to see both themselves and the world around them (physical, spiritual, emotional, cultural) in a new light, to look beyond the obvious and mundane, to the truth the runs through all of creation.

I hope that this will also become a place where I can highlight some of the art that other people have done, to perhaps reproduce (with permission) some of their art along my own personal reflections on how it hasimpacted me.

Another place to find me is on my DeviantArt site, where I try to keep current with my newest artwork.



    • Thanks Steve! Thinking about spending the ~ $35 to buy the commercial version of the Photo Gallery plugin so I can do photo comments.

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